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logging your meals for the day

how do I write in my meals for the day to keep track? It's not showing my intake


  • Its too hard to find what is close to what you've ate to log it in on your page..For instance..I had plain chicken wings I made at home in the broiler and everything is all about restaurants that I can find or store bought stuff..How can it be easier or have i not figured it out yet
  • I was able to do it after I actually downloaded the app on my iPad. It is quite simple. Mostly you are making a guess based on how much you think you ate, etc. I don't particularly like the diet plan or the fitness plan. You can't add your own exercises.
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    thanks struggling46..Just wished you could put in your own food you ate and then add it that way instead of going through the thousands of options when you try and add food.."IT" could make the program a little computer friendly and easier
  • I love the app for bodylab but I agree it's a bit of a pain to try and find what you had to eat and be more accurate on the intake and calories and plan it has you under.
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