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7-Day UltraFast Slim Kit

I was going to start the detox & cleanse today, do I stop taking multi-vitamin, and additional supplements that I take. I know in the past when I've done a cleanse, I have but it's been noted to do so.


  • I am on day 6. I lost NO weight, but my stomach is a lot flatter???? I can't figure it out.
  • Hi tgunby! I have noticed when I diet I lose inches faster than I lose weight. It was really weird, but hey, I'll take it!
  • It also consists of your food intake i done the detox a few times once with my usual eating habits like sugars and bad carb sugars and it made me not notice a thing bt if i jus took that out while detoxing i lost a lot no kidding like 10lbs after detox week was over. You have to remember your cleansing your body and you cant do that if your still eatin toxic junk food and sugar n bad carbs if you want real results and get your moneys worth as hard as it may seem to throw those out jus try it for that week to cleanse u wont b disappointed bt dont go to hard back in the carbs n junk food cuz you will pile it on quick i did it and gained almost the whole ten i lost soo unfortunatley its about lifestyle change for good and occasionally once a week have a binge day and enjoy i save mine on a weekend and try to workout a little after that.
  • What can you drink or eat during the 7-Day? I can't see any notes?
  • Hi patti12257! Hi Vicsvixen! Because there are so many different combinations of vitamins and minerals, we suggest speaking with your pharmacist or physician about your concerns before starting the 7 Day Ultrafast Slim Kit. Let us know if you have any other questions!
  • Hi brandilee:
    Drinks:you should drink a lot of water. try at least to drink a lot of water throughout the day; that helps flush out your system QUICK, it also keeps you hydrated, keeps your metabolism on point, and keeps you from mindless snacking and munching. Make sure you don't drink too much coffee, try to replace with tea.
    Food: must eat healthy!! Have the BodyLab shake. I prepare it like this: 1 scoop of BodyLab Shake Chocolate flavor; 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt, 1 spoon of honey or agave, 1/2 cup of berries Frozen or non frozen, and 6-8oz of water--mix in blender and enjoy. It's Berry good!.
    Lunch; veggie soups/salads 'watch out for the fatty dressing/ lean meats turkey or chicken breast/ or egg veggie omelette. (look for ideas on this website). Good luck and Have fun with it. Track your progress and drink water.
  • I have lost 2 inches off my waist but no lbs. Happy with inches though. I am on day 3! I love the smooth energy. The fitness programs are awesome! Keeping on keeping on!
  • Ok so I this is so stupid but with this kit you only take one thing at a time right? Like after 7 days you start the thermo pills?
  • And would it be a good idea to drink shakes while doing this????
  • i too was wondering bout shakes while doing the cleanse
  • I am going to start 7 day detox tomorrow. Do I have to stay home and close to bathroom with cleanse. Just wondering what everyone's experience with detox is. Any suggestions or help to get thru detox would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • Just purchased the 7 day kit. Do I take the detox and total burn together? The directions are very unclear. When would I take the probiotic? Any help would be great!
  • Hello rachaeljo, I have the same question and I can't find an answer to that. I contacted the customer service but they just copied/pasted instructions on their website, which is unclear.
  • Hi rachaeljo and Ezgi! Thanks for your questions! We advise you take the Detox & Cleanse in the morning and early evening. The Total Burn is to be taken in the morning and again with your largest meal, whether that be lunch or dinner. You may take the Triple Process Detox & Cleanse and the Thermodynamic Total Burn together, The Probiotic Replenishment is meant to be taken the week after you have finished the Detox & Cleanse. Remember to download our BodyLab app for suggested meal plans and workouts. Best of luck and welcome to BodyLab!
  • Ordered my kit yesterday and I am very excited to get started. Thank you specifying how to use the detox cleanse and the Total Burn. I need to lose 10 pounds and with menopause it is not going well. Protein drinks, including Shakeology make me gain weight. I hope this plan is different. I like to nutrition and weight loss advice! Looking forward to a healthy new me.
  • I want to know if I can eat "my" brand of protein bars while doing this? Pure Protein is the name! Also I not sure how I like the weird feeling the first dose has given me! Hard to explain. Should I give couple days? Really need some insight! I don't drink or eat any sugar/caffeine products! Drink lots of water!!
  • HI rettab84! Thanks for your question! The Total Burn does contain about 100mg of caffeine. If you are sensitive to stimulants, we suggest limiting the use of other products that contain stimulants. If your symptoms persist, we suggest discontinuing use and consulting with your physician. Don't forget to download our BodyLab app for great meals and workout plans. Welcome to BodyLab!
  • Actually I never got an answer to my protein bar question and I don't drink or eat anything with sugar or caffeine in it I drink water only no pop no lemonade nothing and my sugar intake is more or less none I try to eat Paleo way as much as possible!!so if you could please answer my one question and said of just stating exactly what's on the box because I read it thoroughly and talk to my pharmacist before hand and new it contain the 100mg!!!
  • Does anyone know if and when you are on the detox and cleanse if you should be eating only specific foods? Or can you go about eating your normal diet. I know that some cleanses you are limited to what you can eat.
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    Hello everyone! i know many times this question was repeatedly made in this forum already but i don't understand something: it says DO NOT exceed 4 capsules per day... but if i take 2 detox and 2 thermodynamic in the morning, then 2 thermodynamic with my meal and early evening the other 2 detox, in total i have taken already 8! so what should i do?
  • Hi ellizay -- The directions that state not to exceed 4 pills a day are referring to the Detox & Cleanse pills and the Thermodynamic Total Burn pills separately. In other words, you should be taking 8 pills a day, however only take 4 Detox & Cleanse pills and 4 Thermodynamic Total Burn pills. I hope that was able to clear up any confusion.
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