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The first 3 steps in the cleansing and also orders

I am on the second day on the first 2 sets of capsules for the cleansing. My tongue has turned a dark teal blue!!! NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHY. I don't get call backs either you would think they would be concerned about it. I also wanted to cancel the new order but was told you can't it as left. I asked if I can send it back when it arrives no one listens. Try it first. I have called 4 times today about my tognue, and only 1 person seemed concerned and said that is not normal.... A message was given to the lady that took the order this morning, and I left a message at the corporate office. No answer as of yet. Maybe I can get some kind of assurance that it is not toxic for my system. And I won't have any side affects.

Please reply
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