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Lead in Shake

I didn't purchase the shake because there was a disclosure on the can about the lead content. I don't see this mentioned on your website; has the lead been removed, and in what ingredient is the lead in. I would like the answer to this before I buy the shake.


  • Hi pauluasue! This notice does not present information about the safety or risk of the product, per se. This notice is legally required by the state of California under Proposition 65 and applies to processed foods, dietary supplements, and many other consumer goods distributed and sold in that state. The requirement for this notice is triggered when the amount of a regulated substance in a product exceeds a certain regulatory level, which is extremely low in the case of lead. To put this notice in perspective, the value of lead contained in the product, is well within the range and below the mean value of naturally occurring lead levels found in plants growing in non-contaminated soils. A person eating the USDA-recommended 3-5 servings of vegetables daily could consume up to ten times more lead than the stringent maximum recommended by California. Bottom line, our products are thoroughly tested to ensure that any naturally occurring metals, such as lead, are well within known safety levels, as determined by authoritative bodies. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
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