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Frustrated with progress

Since May 25th I've been exercising daily (1 hour) and eating right. Now this is the polar opposite of what I have done for decades. Ive only lost 6 pounds so far. With my drastic lifestyle change I thought I would have lost more then 6 lbs. I did the 7 day cleanse and am taking the TotalBurn daily still. I'm doing Yoga and walking on the treadmill under the cardio mode with incline.
Any words of encouragement or advice would be appreciated.


  • Don't be down on yourself! 6 pounds is great! You should be proud. What does a typical day of meals look like for you? Typical week of exercise??
  • I workout everyday for at least 1 hour. Yoga and treadmill. Typical day of eating is oatmeal with fruit or 2 eggs scrambled w/1slice of whole grain bread. Lunch lean protein with mixed green salads - vinegar and oil (light) dressing. Fruit; Snacks consist of maybe a 100 calorie bag of skinny pop or pretzels, veggies. Dinner Lean protein (fish, etc.) with veggies and salad. I drink lots of water (Calif. is hot now). I think I'm doing the right things but I need to stop focusing on the pounds I think and more on just my overall health.
  • Hi Marta!! The study subjects who used the key bioactive compound in Total Burn for 12 weeks lost an average of 15.6% of their body fat. In addition, the experimental group experienced an average decrease in body weight by 12.4 pounds in that time. Don't get discouraged, remember this is a journey and we are here to support you all the way!
  • I really don't think Yoga and treadmill is the way to go for losing weight. I highly suggest HIIT ( high intensity interval training) You can get free work outs on youtube and they are only 12-20 minutes long. Currently I'm doing a challenge on BodyRock. They are big on Hiit: I usually do Yoga and running or walking on my off days. Also weight training helps to lose weight to.
  • Hi Marta, Six Pounds, that's a great start!!!!! This is a journey that we have all taken on. We don't bust out the gate and take off fast, only to loose the momentum and give up. This is a process. Your body will eventually start changing and the weight will come off. I started my journey by walking 3 miles every day. The more I walked, the more my body changed. As your body gets use to the changes that you are putting it through, you have to start pushing yourself more. Add different exercises into your routine so that your body feels challenged. Once you have build yourself up to it, start incorporating weights. Weight training burns fat a lot faster. As for the eating, try eating 5 smaller meals a day. Try not to eat after 6 pm unless, it's fruits or vegetables. Trust me, you will not get hungry and eventually you will notice that your stomach is getting smaller. Drink lots of water. Add a piece of lemon, mint and cucumber into your water. The taste is great and it will also work as a detox. If you need a cheering squad, I am here for you. I'm going through this same journey. I am here with you. Stay positive, focused and driven. Please visit my instagram page. I was 240 lbs, and I was determined to invest in me, and get my life back in order. I love the bodylab product, especially the Vanilla protein shake. Keep up the good work.

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