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hello im going crazy im doing the excersise I don't know how to record it instead ive gain im not sure if im doing the right excersise here because I want to loose the weight im a diabetic have high blood pressure...of course I would like to meet JLO but at this time I want to loose the weight thank you for reading this and if you can, can you plse sugest any thing for me ..I might be doing it all wrong thank you depress ;(


  • First and foremost since your a diabetic always consult your physician prior to starting any diets.

    What kinds of foods are you eating? What's your typic exercise for a week look like?
  • my doctor wants me to loose the weight im doing beginers exercise doing jumping jack and for the arms I do with the ball im doing the ones I got on my page,i don't know how to record it but im doing them im avoiding junk foods,im eating breakfast and 1 meal a day snack in the afternoon..thank you in advance for your input have a bless day
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