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7 Day Detox - Anyone getting Headaches or tired feelings?

I'm on my 3rd day and have noticed 2 things; I've been getting headaches about 30 minutes after taking the Total Burn/Detox Cleanse and after about 45 minutes of taking the Total Burn I start getting tired (yawning, etc.) I drink my regular amount of coffee each morning without a problem. Weird because I thought I'd be hopping off the walls. Anyone else have this issue?
fyi - I work out 1 hour, at least, a day doing Yoga and Treadmill with a healthy diet since 5/24.


  • Hi marta! We are sorry to hear you are getting headaches, it may help to take the Thermodynamic Total Burn with food. As we are not in a position to offer you medical advice, we recommend you discontinue use and consult your physician, if symptoms persist. Please let us know if you have any further questions!
  • I finished the 7 days. Got through it and dropped 6 pounds!! Will be continuing with the 30 days and exercise to achieve my goals!!
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