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Need an answer from somone since Bodylab personal trainer did not answer.

In my profile I am provided a list of workouts. I click on the fire once I complete this workout. My questions is: Do I do all of the workouts in my profile provided by body lab. Do I do the same workout the next day? I have not started but I believe someone said that the workouts change weekly. So I do all of the same workouts for a week and then do the next series of workouts for the next week? I am starting this today so I wanted to be sure I understand so I can get results.


  • Hi jagosto! Welcome to BodyLab -- Currently the workouts are based on specific dates. To see a workout for a particular date, click the date at the top of the app (or the calendar on web). Select the date you want to visit and you will then see the workout you should do that day. If there is nothing on the current date, that is a scheduled rest day. However, if you like you can always do a workout from a different date. As far as burning(clicking the fire)this will save the weight/reps/rest for the exercise that you click it for. This is important because it will estimate how many calories you have burned as well as save the weight you did in your history. Please let us know if you have any further questions!
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