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Participation on Jlo Challenge

I got the shake and I got the 7 days start kit, I wanted to participate, and even when it says no purchase necessary, I cannot enroll in the challenge. Is there is a way I can proof, what I got so I can join the challenge?



  • Did you download the app to your phone? I think we have to do that as well.
  • Hi jcac1927, You can upload a copy of your receipt into the progress photos on the BodyLab app.
  • Hello! I just, more officially, signed up for the challenge. Even attempted taking a photo & uploading to my app. This is actually the first time I have ever been really serious about participating in a challenge! I'm pretty excited!:) Do I have to order supplements from the bodylab site or can I buy them at Walgreen's upload receipt photo and start today or even as late as tomorrow? I'd rather start today:) I fear the more time I waste getting started, the longer I procrastinate! Thanks!
  • Hi MIschaK, you can upload a copy of your receipt into the progress photos on the BodyLab app. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
  • Hello everyone - in order to do this challenge we have to download the app to our phones? I was under the impression I can do the challenge utilizing the PC? Can Body lab please assist in this topic?
  • I am confused, I thought by registering I was automatically enrolled in the challenge??? Please advise. TY
  • HI Jagosto, You will need to download the BodyLab app so that you can provide your before picture, which is required. @Lulu When registering and uploading your image you are enrolled in the challenge. If you haven't done so already, please feel free to do so before June 7th. Thanks!
  • I read official rules and it says measurements as well
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