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My journey..

Hi everyone! Today is the day 1 of my journey to #BeTheGirl
I've just been a mom.. Just making sure my son is taken care of and looked after, forgetting "Hey, you should take care of yourself too!" If I went out shopping I would end up coming home with clothes and shoes for my son and nothing for myself.. Just coz nothing looks nice on me.. I don't like anything.. TIME TO CHANGE that! I wasn't gonna post anything on this forum but I decided I need some extra motivation just like you might need it too! I'm going to post every day what I've been eating and how it's going for me.. I've been using the Bodylab app to track my allowance of daily fat, carb intake and making sure I don't go over it.. The app is really helpful!
So I started the day with raw porridge oats(takes longer for the body to break them down, plus it's quicker,tastes like muesli) with some low fat milk and some mixed frozen berries that I left overnight in the fridge to defrost (quite handy) ..
Then I did some exercise (cycling for 30min mod speed) , did 20 squats, 60 sec plank, and few more exercises..
Then had my snack which was some leftover berries with fresh raw coconut meat.. Coconut should aid weight loss coz it's full of fibre and meant to keep you full longer.
Then I had lunch which was 3 turkey sausages ,roasted red bell pepper and steamed broccoli with peas.
Then for my snack I had an apple, and dinner I made grilled chicken breast ( I made few little cuts on the breast, dipped it in lemon juice and rubbed some black pepper , sweet paprika and cayenne pepper) with broccoli and peas (a lot of broccoli today lol )
Also I drank 2 cups of green tea and water in between to keep me fuller.

So the whole day I was feeling good.. Light and not hungry.. And I was suprised because I love my carbs, my pasta, my bread.. So today was quite hard.. But I want to reduce my carb intake and really focus on protein and vegetables/fruits..
But yeah when it gets to the evening it's the hardest.. You craving something nice.. Or wanting something.. I'm not hungry but guess need to get used to this light feeling.. I don't want to give up, I always get over excited then quit so I'm going to really really try this time! It's going to be a journey and it's going to be a good one!

So 2moro gonna do some little shopping.. Get some more oats, berries, coconut, lemons, Greek yoghurt (have you had Greek yoghurt mixed with some organic honey and cinnamon? Yum!), eggs, avocados, broccoli, asparagus, pitta breads, brown rice.. Hmm not sure what else..but I'm goin to try to plan next day meals so I don't fall off the track

I hope we all can stick together, inspire each other and success together! Much Love xxxx

P.s have you ever tried meditation? Trust me when I started I had no clue what am I even doing.. All you need is a quiet place where you can sit or lay and relax.. Light a candle maybe.. Close your eyes and clear your thoughts.. Focus on your breathing.. Listening to relaxin meditation music on YouTube helps.. Meditation really helps with focus and with positivity.. Maybe give it a go, get some alone time.. We all need it :)


  • Hi Guys.. Day 2 succesfully done.. Well not just yet, still have to live through evening boredom cravings..

    So this morning I made a porridge, just coz felt like something warm, mixed with mixed berries and sliced coconut.

    For my snack I had a 9Bar, as I was out and about and that was the healthiest thing I could find.. Its a bar made out of mixed seeds.. I think I need to try bring my own healthy snacks whenever I go out.

    Lunch.. 3 turkey sausages and steamed broccoli (I'm lucky I actually like broccoli, although seems like I've eaten quite a lot of it lately, need to change it up ) plus I had some Greek yoghurt with honey and cinnamon. Yum!

    Lunch snack - mandarin

    Dinner - a plain tortilla wrap with some Greek yoghurt on top (great alternative for mayo.. I even make canned tuna, diced onions, red bell pepper and sprinkled cayenne pepper mixed with little Greek yoghurt)
    So on the wrap I had some chicken, avocado, red pepper, cucumber and tomatoe , plus I sprinkled some lemon black pepper on top (very nice)

    So far so good.. I hope I can continue eating good and if I do I'm going to have a snack day..
    Really hope I can stick to this plan..

    Feel free to let me know what do you eat? It's nice to share ideas and recipes coz sometimes it gets boring eating same things all over again..
    Feel free to talk about your fears, worries, struggles.. Would be cool to talk to some ppl who go through same thing as I do..

    Plus the more we talk about this the more we will be motivated to continue! xxxx
  • Day 3..

    Started off great..

    Breakfast - stewed rhubarb,apple,strawberries topped with Greek yoghurt and cinnamon.

    Morning snack - piece of raw coconut

    Lunch - jlos berry berry good frozen berry smoothie and Nature Valley Almond Granola Bar.

    Lunch snack - Boiled egg and asparagus

    Dinner - BBQ chicken thigh and salad (salsa style diced onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers, added canned beans 3 type, freshly chopped cilantro, lemon juice, salt and pepper)

    I do have to admit I might have a cheeky cup of tea with another almond granola bar as I'm feeling like I want to have something nice.. Might savour every bite.. Mmmm..

    I should try and cycle for 20min, even I do not feel like it.. But if I'm gonna do this I won't give up! Not this time!

    How is everyone else getting on? xxxx
  • Hello great job!! today is my last day on the detox and i feel amazing ! and now iam going to start on my probiotics, Shake , preworkout extender, and the rest of the supplements
    i notice a big difference on my body in 7 days. I am so excited to transform my body.
  • Hi adri33 :) well done :) I'm on day 4.. Still a long way to go, but so far feeling good too.. Apart from dreaming about snacking here and there, but yeah, testing my willpower :) can't wait for next week wed, as I decided I will only go on scales once a week and do my measurements..
  • Hi Everyone.. Day 4..

    Breakfast - Porridge with cinnamon,raisins and banana.

    Morning snack - tangerine and 6 almonds

    Lunch - half of a plain tortilla wrap with tuna and sweetcorn and a tiny bit of mayo. Half an avocado on the side and glass of orange juice (This was actually very filling and nice)

    Lunch snack - Bunch of black seedless grapes

    Dinner - my fav chicken breast (lemon juice,black pepper, sweet paprika and cayenne pepper) , the other half of my avocado and salad ( sweetcorn, canned cannellini beans, buttercup lettuce, cucumbers,tomatoes, whatever you have in fridge tbh and salt pepper to taste, squeezed little bit lemon juice and added freshly chopped parsley)

    Now as some of you may relate I had to make separate dinner for my son, he had oven made chips with chicken goujons and salad and it was so hard not to steal his chips and eat them all.. Haha.. But I promised I'm going to be honest so I did have one chip.. I know, I know it's a struggle.. I promise I will try better..

    Tommorow I'm going to a birthday party and the person I'm going to is known for a wicked cheesecake that she always makes.. So I'm going to prepare myself to have a very small piece of it, and I won't be snacking on any unhealthy stuff like crisps etc.. I will let you know how it went..

    Life shouldn't stop if you wanna eat healthy, and I'm sure when I lose my desired weight I woll relax a little, but right now I need to focus to not fall off the track.. But as I've been doing pretty good so far I think if I have a small piece of cheesecake I won't die lol
    But yeah I'm being honest with you.. It's deff a struggle , food had become such crazy object..
    But for now concentrating on the taste not quantity, trying to control my portions ..
    And funny enough so far not a single day was I feeling hungry or starving.. I do have to admit before eating a lot of crap and lots of carbs I was always hungry..

    Also I want to try out a DIY granola bar recipe..
    It was pretty much coconut oil and honey , and then dry ingredients like oats pumpkin seeds, almonds etc..
    Sounds quite easy right? And no added sugars and unhealthy stuff.

    A friend of mine gave me another easy recipe for sweet potato brownies..

    It's quite exciting I have to admit, to try new things, new recipes, coz healthy eating is not just about salad.. Well shouldn't be.. There's just so many things to choose from.. We just have to try..

    I know I'm only on day 4, and also probably I'm annoying you with my posts, but I just really need this to keep going.. I akways quit half way through and end up unhappy and fed up.. I really wanna accomplish this.. With all my heart! And I hope you do too! Coz you deserve it! We all do! We are all in this together.. I know there would be some tough days ahead but let's stick together, ok? Even if we have a bad day, as long as we pick ourselves right up and keep fighting! We need to be honest with each other, that's the only way it would work! All of us can Be The Girl! We are all winners! Let's keep fighting! We can do this! I promise xxxx
  • Hi Guys, so day 5 is here, and today you could say I had a cheat day as I've been out all day at a birthday party, but I did have most healthiest options I could find, just so I could have my fav cheese cake! :)

    So for breakfast I had porridge with frozen blue berries..

    Then I ended up being out , but I had some pretty healthy-ish nice things.

    Like .. Crackers with tuna on top.. Only the tuna mix was sooooo delicious! It was canned tuna, chopped onion, chopped green and red chillies, little olive oil and white vinegar! Really yummy :)
    Also I had some pistachio nuts on the side, but not too many as they were salted..

    Then I had this amazing rice, so amazing I had to steal the recipe so I can share with you guys.. Nice n easy :)
    Basically boil basmati rice with a pinch of turmeric.
    Then in separate pot fry onions and red bell peppers on low heat, add curry powder and tsp of garlic ginger paste, let it simmer, add grated cauliflower,add grated carrots, and when all nearly done add chopped up mushrooms, frozen peas and sweetcorn and when done add salt to taste and mix in the cooked basmati rice! :) I do have to say the cauliflower was the secret ingredient! It was so nice and so soft.. You only need to use like half a floret, not much :)

    So I had chicken and roasted potatoes (a lot of carbs today..:()with salad..

    Then I had fresh vanilla cheesecake which was amazing! :) but I only had a small piece which I'm happy about because I controlled my portions and the result is not feeling stuffed.. Just feel good :)

    Now 2moro getting back in gear, hopefully can do some exercise..

    Hope everyone having a great day..xxxxx
  • Day 6

    Breakfast - raw porridge oats,milk, defrosted strawberries and raspberries

    Morning snack - Bunch of grapes

    Lunch - boiled egg and 6 almonds

    Lunch snack - apple, rice cake with peanut butter and sliced banana

    Dinner - Grilled Chicken Breast, 3 bean salad, avocado and asparagus.
  • So it's been a week! And I'm little but scared to weigh myself tommorow, and check my measurements..
    But anyway, here goes day 7..

    Breakfast - Berry smoothie and 6 almonds

    Morning snack - sliced mango

    Lunch - 2 scrambled eggs, 2 sliced tomatoes and half an avocado

    Lunch snack - sweet potato fries (really yummy, slice your sweet potato in size of the fries, toss coconut oil, corn starch , sweet paprika and cayenne pepper, bake for about 35-45 min until crispy)

    Dinner - green leaf salad and beef stew ( sautée onions and garlic, add stewing beef pieces, let it sautée few min, then slow the cooker, drain the water, add salt, mixed herbs, sweet paprika and beef stock cube dissolved in cup hot water, let it cook until meat tender, usually 35-45min, then add sliced carrots, cook further 15-20min, add more stock if needed, and frozen peas, then pour in little bit of water mixed with corn starch to thicken the sauce :)
  • Hello everyone!!! So I'm super excited!!! And guess what! Doing the bodylab challenge I've lost 11lbs in the first week!!!!
    I'm actually shocked how much difference it has made and I'm actually eating more, I got more energy and willpower and I'm always feeling full and satisfied! Also I'm afraid to skip meals now coz I never over eat planning on what and when will I eat!

    I'm super happy, as I've aways been skipping meals and starving myself or going on crazy diets and eating once a day.. I was scared this may not work but it does! To do this for one week is big achievement for me and I hope I can keep on going!
    I also took my measurements and I've lost

    Neck - 0.5in
    Forearms - 0.5in
    Waist - 2in
    Bicep - 2in
    Hips - 1in
    Thigh - 1.5in

    As I've been logging what I've eaten every day I think I will stop doing that for now, unless you guys really wanted me to keep it up!
    Otherwise I would still update you time to time about my progress!

    I hope you all are doing great and be positive! :)xxxxx
  • Hi everyone,

    So this week I only lost 2lbs.. Seems like nothing after losing 11lbs last week, but I guess it's better than nothing and it's a progress..
    I did not lose any extra inches from my waist, however I lost 0.5 in from my hips and 1 in from my thigh.. Rest was the same measurements as last week..

    So yeah can't really say I've been doing great this week, and I can put it down to getting way too excited for losing so much last week, that I was actually eating little bit of crap here and there for like 3 days..

    It's hard to change your eating habits after been eating like that for years, it would take a long time to get used to clean eating, control myself and my appetite..

    I learnt few good recipes too, so that's good.. Once it's not same things over and over again..
    I think from 2moro I'm going to start sharing with you what I'm eating again.. I think that really helps me to keep tabs what I eat, and gives me extra boost to try do my best..

    So the recipes I learnt..
    First sweet potato tomato soup! Omg I'm in love with this soup!
    First I sautéed onions in a pot, then added like 2 sliced carrots and half of sweet potato, and beef of stock dissolved in a cup of hot water.. Let that cook for about 15 - 20 min until carrots tender (sweet potato cooks quickly )
    Then add can of chopped tomatoes, salt, sweet paprika and mixed herbs, let it simmer for few min then take half out and blend to make soup thicker and give it nice texture.. Then put back in pot and add canned beans of your choice ( I love kidneys beans and cannellini beans) .
    Really love this soup!!! :) and I love to add freshly sliced chilli in my bowl for extra kick :)

    Then sweet potato fries..

    I chopped up sweet potato in fries, sprinkled some dissolved coconut oil and tossed it around so covers all potatoes..
    In small bowl combine corn starch, (maybe 2 tbsp) and sweet paprika with cayenne pepper
    Toss with fries, then bake in oven for bout 25-30min until crispy! Make sure to even them out and give little space..
    I think corn starch is the magic ingredient to make them nice and crispy! :)

    Then I also made granola bars..

    Blended about 1/2 cup of oats and almonds, in a bowl added chopped up almonds, hazelnuts, pumpkin/sunflower seeds (you can add whatever you like, like raisins,dates, dried cherries walnuts etc)
    Then the wet mix : dissolve 3tbsp coconut oil, with 6tbsp honey, keep stirring on low heat, add pinch of almond extract, pinch of vanilla extract, pinch of cinnamon.. When it starts foaming let it foam for 10sec, then pour in dry ingredients,and keep mixing until they all covered..
    Line up small rectangular dish with parchment paper add the mixture and press it in so everything sticks together.. Then leave in fridge couple of hours, then you can slice it in bars and keep in fridge to keep it fresh!
    Love this with my cup of tea in the evening, plus the seeds really do wonders!

    I also read somewhere if you keep banana pieces in freezer, then blend them up with Greek yoghurt it comes out as an ice cream.. People even add choc chips and walnuts to make it like Chunky Monkey.. Hmmmm.. If I do great next week might try! :)

    I know these are simple recipes that most of you may know already, but I'm only learning to eat healthy, and new recipes really helps to keep the diet interesting.. Would be cool if we all could share nice recipes :)

    Ok, so this week I'm not gonna be lazy and try my hardest to do well.. We have to stick together, right? :)
  • Hey there! I really enjoyed reading through your entries! Please continue to post - it is inspiring (and gave me some great ideas!).
  • Hi @Jesantre .. Thank you so much for your sweet post, it's been definetely a struggle and still is.. Every day lol.. But yeah I will def keep posting as it actually motivates me .. It really helps when you share.. Thanks for the comment again :)
  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, I've actually been quite busy and to be honest started to skip my meals/snacks..
    Let me tell you.. Bad idea.. Bad, bad idea..
    I did not lose anything this week, and my weight remained same, which is also good, but I think i didn't lose anything as I started skipping meals/getting too hungry/making wrong choices and over eating..

    I've always been afraid to eat too much or too many times a day.. And now I've realised it's actually way to go! As long as you eat healthy and watch what you eat .. It keeps you always full and keeps your metabolism up high..
    It's just such a struggle.. I'm looking for some more motivation as I've been lacking it lately..
    My mom is coming over for a visit next week Saturday, and she said she wants me to teach her healthy recipes and she's gonna try and do this healthy eating with me... Which is actually nice.. Maybe that's the motivation I need..
    I also want to get a good proccesor because most recipes I found require one.. Especially healthy desserts.. (I can't wait to make some)

    Best thing I can say is.. Weight apart, my skin has become so beautiful and glowing since I've started eating healthy.. It's literally glowing, and I've always had problems with bacne (acne on my back) and now it's gone! I mean I had it for years!!!
    Not sure if it's because I cook and bake with coconut oil now and I heard it helps with acne.. Maybe it's the oil and eating more veg less sugar and crap..
    And my health has improved.. I stopped suffering from migraines.. I sleep better, have more energy..

    Although it is a big lifestyle change, and it would take some time to get used to, and I need to keep finding new recipes, else it gets really boring and you get sick of it.. But it's definitely worth it! I mean I used to be pretty much carb and sugar queen, but when you introduce healthier alternatives in your diet and make few lifestyle changes, it's not so hard..
    It's a daily battle, but it feels good.. I just have to keep eating regulary and stop skipping meals! Starving is not good!

    I got few things I want to get in health shop too.. Like quinoa.. I've no idea how it would taste, but I got good few recipes to try it, they even have quinoa pasta!
    I want to get whey protein powder to add to my smoothies and I want to find one with less sugar which means one without flavor.. But then I want to get cacao powder, and if you add that to it it's more healthy I think.. Or if you gonna add it to smoothies and stuff it would still have flavor just no added sugar..

    And have you heard of matcha tea? It's basically like green tea but more powerful and full of antioxidants.. Would actually be good to help me to get my metabolism started.. I heard one cup of matcha tea is like 10 cups of green tea! Google it! :)

    Also bee pollen is on my list as it helps to keep us looking young and healthy!

    But of course I won't be buying all of these at once..
    Need to introduce new things in your diet slowly.. Also then you wouldn't get bored! :)

    I have to actually say something to you guys.. Years ago after having my son I started taking diet pills (worst decision ever) and I lost so much weight people actually though I'm dying.. It was THAT bad.. I literally was never hungry and lived on grapes and water.. Then my period stopped, my skin became grey, I lost nearly all my hair and plus my body started to refuse these pills to work.. Or any pills for that matter.. I started eating and eating LOADS.. It was like I was possessed by food.. I could eat 2 large pizzas and starving in 20 min again.. I started gaining weight and struggling to control my appetite.. And I kept trying different pills.. Looking for magic solution but none worked or even if they did I put back twice as much weeks later.. And now for years I've been trying to lose this weight.. In a healthy way! But I can't.. I went to doctors did so many tests.. All was clear..
    I got depressed to the point where I wouldn't leave sofa (which obv made things worse)
    I lost friends and people in my life because I didn't want to be seen by everyone..

    It's been years struggling, and realising I could have died from all those pills, leaving my son behind and all for what! Plus it only helps short term, it doesn't help you change your lifestyle or nothing..
    And I've come so far in a way that I really wanna be careful what I put in my body..
    I don't want no more pills or stuff and I do honestly have to say bodylab challenge really inspired me to actually stick to my plan and eat healthy.. But I would have given up if not for you guys.. I can't explain it but it really helps to know other ppl struggle just as I do and if I try new recipe I can't wait to share it with you! This community means so much to me..
    And moral to my story.. Lifestyle change is going to take a long time.. For some longer than others.. But to feel good to feel healthy.. That's so much better than any pills out there..
    I'm sharing this with you because I don't want you to make same mistakes as me.. Trying to figure out how do I get my metabolism up..
    So pls stay strong, and remember, it's a journey.. Keep fighting day at the time!
    Even if you have a bad day, doesn't matter, don't dwell in the past, focus on the future..

    Do it day at the time! Last week I've not exercised much and basically didn't do well, and I nearly gave up, and then I saw a comment on my post that I've inspired someone..
    It's those little things that keep me going.. As long as I'm not giving up I've not lost..

    Be strong! Be healthy!

    Sorry for the long post..

    Much love..x
  • Hey everyone!

    I thought I should share this with you guys.. I sort of feel like I've hit rock bottom.. I mean I understand weight loss is a journey and doesn't happen over night.. But it's just been so hard, I actually cried to let some frustration out..
    Today was a hot day and going out to a park and seeing everyone dressed nicely in nice summer dresses.. Just makes you wish .. Wish you could buy nice things and for them to look nice on you.. It's hard..
    I mean i started this challenge with my friend who gave birth 2 months ago and she's already back to her shape.. Actually I feel people think I'm her mother coz I look like I just have birth..
    I'm sorry for ranting, maybe I shouldn't even post this, but I just felt like letting this out..
    It's hard.. And I need to find motivation.. I mean I already told you I've never accomplished / finished anything in my life and I don't wanna give up on this challenge.. I don't want to look back because there's nothing to look back on..

    I just hope I can reach my goal and look back and say there were hard times and I did it.. I don't just wanna fail.. Again,.

    Also to end this I have to say I tried a chocolate mousse recipe which was basically avocado,almond milk, cocoa powder and honey ,vanilla all blended together, chilled..
    I have to be honest.. Really really wasn't nice.. I love avocados , but this just wasn't nice.. Didn't like it..

    I will try my best to log what I will eat 2moro and hopefully find strenght to continue this journey..

    I need to get some ginger.. Everytime I feel exhausted and too tired ginger tea helps me.. I actually make mixture then keep in fridge.. I grate ginger, lemon and honey and keep on fridge.. Then put maybe tbsp or two on my mug with hot water in the morning or afternoon..( if you making this I have to warm you ginger interferes with aspirin so look it up, and also it makes you wee a lot when you drink it lol)

    Hope everyone having a good day..x
  • Hi everyone!

    So starting to eat proper today..

    Breakfast : porridge with raisins,banana and drizzle of honey

    Snack - apple

    Lunch - tomato bean soup (recipe mentioned above:)

    Dinner - paprika chicken thighs (2) with vegetable rice and spinach

    Tommorow I wanna try this mug cake for breakfast..

    The recipe is :

    One mashed banana
    Tbsp honey
    Tbsp coconut oil
    Tiny bit vanilla essence
    3 tbsp oat flour (I just blend up my oats)
    Pinch of baking powder
    Pinch of salt
    Dash of cinnamon
    And optional - you can dot some blueberries on top (fresh or frozen )

    So basically mix banana,oil,honey & vanilla in a mug, add the oat flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, mix it all together in your microwaveable mug, dot blueberries on top if you like and microwave about minute/minute and a half..

    I found this recipe on YouTube and can't wait to try to see if it's nice, hope it won't be a fail like the avocado mousse lol

    On the other side feels like I'm starting all over again, it's definetely hard, but when you stick to the meal plan at least u don't feel starving and over eat.. Still cravings always come in in the evening which is why I started going to bed early..
    I need to start doing exercise again, even 15-20 min a day..

    So tommorow another day,another battle.. Let me know how you finding it and do you have any recipes to share?

    Much love xxxx
  • Hello everyone,

    So today for breakfast I had the mug cake.. Have to say I actually enjoyed it, you should try it and let me know how you liked it.. It was just something different, and next time I want to add some blueberries on top, coz I didn't have any today..
    And it actually filled me up..

    Then my snack I had a latte ( mmmmm love nice cup of coffee)

    Lunch - bean soup (had leftovers from yesterday) and made sweet potato wedges (I left the skin on and this time mixed them with corn starch,paprika and cinnamon)

    Didn't have any lunch snack as I actually felt quite full after my lunch,
    but then for dinner I roasted portobello mushrooms,asparagus, and ate them with fresh spinach and baby tomatoes..
    Portobello mushrooms always fill me up, and they just so big and so little calories :)

    Previously I actually filled the mushrooms but to eat them alone was just as nice :)

    Today I was busy writing down new recipes and sorting out things I need to buy to keep up this healthy eating habit..
    You know what I want? A smoothie maker.. U know the ones like nutribullet, but something more affordable and the ones on the go.. Just so I can literally blend and go lol
    Just to switch up my breakfast options and stuff..
    I got such nice smoothie recipes online.. Especially those including spinach, celery, you know all the good stuff :)

    I actually have a juice presser, and I used to love it making carrot,celery,apple juice.. Adding lemon,ginger, experimenting..
    But it's just so much hassle to take it out and clean it and all.. Even it's not an actual hassle, but it is coz since all this healthy eating I've been cooking a lot..
    I did look into meal prep, but I just don't think I like the idea of slicing vegetables, keeping salad in advance.. Not sure.. What do you think? I don't know.. I just like my things freshly prepared.. I don't mind leftovers for the next day or something, just not for the whole week.. But it's ok I guess, plenty people seem to be doing it and they getting on saves you time..

    Oh forgot to mention I made the ginger tea mixture (mentioned above) and had a cup this evening.. It was so nice and lemony.. I actually grated little zest too.. This tea always gives me energy, and helps me to lift myself up..

    So yeah I was looking at amazon looking for Medjol dates, as they are substitutions in most healthy dessert recipes.. Raw cacao powder, buckwheat (coz I found nice breakfast porridge recipe with it), quinoa, and matcha tea..
    Those are on my list for now including the smoothie maker, which I also found on amazon..

    I think once I have good few healthy recipes and ideas this shouldn't be too hard, coz I do actually enjoy the food I eat, it's all about keeping variety, introducing new recipes.. I remember how I always used to give up on eating healthy coz I thought healthy eating is all about salads and stuff.. Eating lettuce day in day out.. Always being hungry..
    I'm just so happy I've learnt so much more now.. And for me right now losing weight would be great but I'm doing this for my health, I've seen how good I feel when I eat right.. I look better, I feel better.. Just wish the pounds would shed quicker..
    But hopefully if I keep this up they would..

    Hope everyone having an awesome day!x
  • Keep up the challenge! Your post on May 23 worried me-- you sounded ready to give-up. Like you's a journey. But what you have to realize is that this is a journey that never ends. For the rest of our lives, we have to take care of ourselves. Stay focused and I wish you success!
  • Don't give up! Just found your post, liked reading your recipes. I've gone through so many plans & I think your doing it right. Just eating REAL food and exercising one day at a time. There's always gonna be slip ups and bad days, just do your meditation & refocus on your motivation and what you want. I can understand your frustration, your not alone!
  • Hi everyone!

    I'm so sorry I haven't been posting, don't worry, I haven't given up :)

    But first of all thanks to @nan57 and @viloulalloyd for your encouraging and supporting words, some days are really tough, but maybe you can sense it, maybe not, but I'm SUPER HAPPY :)

    My mom came over to visit for a week, and she said she's sticking to my healthy eating plan and at first I was abit sceptical as my mom loves her bread and snacks and bakery goodies.. But guess what? She lost 6lbs and I lost 4!!!
    I'm so happy and this was probably the motivation I needed as it made me get back on track and be strict with myself and what I eat.. We even had a day where we had chocolate cake, and even she said it didn't taste as it usually would.. She wasn't craving bread or any junk, she wasn't ever hungry or lacking, in fact she went home with lots of new recipes and ideas, and she's going to continue this with me..

    It's so much better to do it with someone, makes huge difference!

    For breakfast we had either oats with banana and cinnamon or eggs with spinach , or boiled egg with salad, or berry smoothie.. Basically just checking what we have in the fridge, then making most of it!
    Also I made her drink glass of water once she woke up, whiçh also made huge difference.. Even her skin started to get a noticable glow!

    Snack ideas : we had couple of almonds or hazelnuts with banana or apple, or home made granola bar with green tea

    Lunch : I made the bean soup one day, then grilled chicken breast with salad or veg, or sweet potato fries with natural yoghurt dip ( i just grated cucumber, mixed with natural yoghurt and chopped mint.. I kind of want to try it with gherkins instead of fresh cucumber,experiment :)

    Dinner : mainly chicken with broccoli and peas or sweet potato.. Or healthy cottage pie in salad leaves, we also made fish with grilled tomatoes..

    Basically just make the most of what you have in the fridge..
    I still want to try cauliflower pizza and I found another recipe online of healthy sushi rolls..

    I also got food proccesor and can't wait to try home made hummus and other healthy recipes..

    I also have to say Jennifer inspires me so much, I listen to her music when I need inspiration, especially I'm into you and adrenalina.. I want to get my "sexy" back and feel awesome and Jennifer lopez is really my inspiration, I watched her documentary Dance Again loads of times, it just inspires me, she's been through so much, yet she's always so positive and hard working.. If not for this challenge I would have given up.. She's the main motivation for me to be a strong ,sexy woman, and feel confident about myself..
    Also this community really helps me.. It feels so nice that people support you and go through same thing as you do..thank you everyone for your support :)

    I hope this positivity will carry me through another great week :)

    I'm going to post some new recipes that I found online and that I wanna try..x

    Enjoy your weekend everyone :)
  • Smoothie for glowing skin

    1 cup chopped kale
    2 large kiwi (peeled, chopped)
    1/2 cup orange juice
    1/2 cup cilantro sprigs
    1 celery stalk (chopped)
    1/4 cup ice cubes

    Blend all ingredients! 92 cal ; 2.6 protein ; 21g carbs..

    Sushi rolls

    4-5 sheets of nori
    500g cauliflower florets
    1 cup sunflower seeds
    5-10 leaves kale (cut in thin strips)
    1 beetroot (cut long,thin sticks)
    2 medium carrots (long , thin sticks)
    3 spring onions (chopped)
    1 Ripe Avocado (cut in long thin strips)
    Sesame seeds (toast for 10 min in oven)
    1tbsp lemon juice

    For the sauce :
    1/4 cup white miso
    1/2 tbsp brown rice vinegar
    2 tbsp olive oil
    1tbsp minced fresh ginger
    1/2 tsp maple syrup or honey

    Soak sunflower seeds with pinch of salt in 2 cups (450ml) water. Soak at least 4 hours, then drain, rinse well, put the seeds in food proccesor and pulse, not too much, else it would turn into a paste!
    Put in large bowl, don't clean the proccesor and put in the cauliflower florets and "rice" them with lemon juice and small pinch of salt..
    Then combine with seeds.
    Put piece of plastic wrap on cutting board horizontally,or use your sushi mat,put sheet of nori, shiny side down, leave little space from edge, using damp hands spread your "rice" evenly over nori sheet, leaving 3cm farthest edge from you..
    Arrange kale , beetroot ,carrot, spring onions and avocado horizontally then sprinkle with sesame seeds, use your thumbs to pick up edge closer to you, use your other fingers to hold the filling while you roll the mat, gently pull the mat to create a firm roll, cut into 5-6 pieces.. Serve with sauce..

    I haven't made this yet , but I'm really looking forward to this! :)
  • I also made the "chunky monkey " ice cream..
    So yummy!
    It's just frozen bananas, some natural or Greek yogurt, tiny but of vanilla essence and can add peanut butter if you like.. Blend well!
    Then can add cacao nibs and walnuts or pecans.. So yummy! :)


    15 oz chickpeas
    1tbsp olive oil
    1tbsp tahini
    2tbsp fresh lemon or like juice
    2-3 tsp fresh garlic
    1/2 tsp salt and pepper

    Blend in food proccesor, can reserve some chickpea water to adjust the consistency..
    Feel free to experiment and add whatever you like..
    Like jalapeños and honey or cooked mashed potatos, roasted red peppers, paprika, cayenne etc

    You can also make your own tahini.. So simple and easy!

    Roast 2 cups sesame seeds in 450 degrees for 4-5 min then blend with 1/4 cup olive oil..
    Blend for 2 min then stop, scrape sides down, continue until smooth texture and can keep in sealed jar for up to 3 months

    You can also make tahini sauce which is great for fish and medditarean dishes

    1 cup tahini paste
    1/3 cup lemon juice (juice from 2 lemons)
    1tbsp minced garlic
    2/3 cup water
    1/2 tsp salt
    Garnish with chopped parsley and spring onions..

    Whisk all ingredients together, can store up to 1 week
  • And last 2 recipes I found

    Sweet potato brownies

    2 sweet potatoes
    2/3 cup ground almonds
    1/2 cup buckwheat or brown rice flour
    14 Medjol dates
    4tbsp cacao
    3tbsp maple syrup or honey
    Pinch of salt

    Boil your potatoes for about 20 min, once soft blend with dates, put remaining ingredients in a bowl, then stir in potato mix, place in lined dish, cook in 180c for 20 min, allow to cool for 10 min

    Home made Nutella

    2 cups hazelnuts
    1/2 cup water
    1/2 cup maple syrup
    3 tbsp raw cacao powder

    Bake nuts for 10 min in 180 c
    Let them cool then blend in good proccesor, then add maple syrup and cacao, you may add little water..
    Store in sealed jar!

    Can't wait to try these recipes..

    I found most of these on YouTube or health blogs from google.. If I find any other interesting ideas I would let you know :)xx
  • Hi everyone..

    So this is what I ate today..

    Breakfast - I had grande cappucino from Starbucks (115cal) as I was in big rush and didn't have breakfast this morning (was so hard not to get a creamy frappe with extra cream lol )

    Morning snack - apple 8 hazelnuts

    Lunch - mixed veg soup (I just boil frozen mixed veg with universal vegetable mix and add little milk at the end, literally takes 5min)

    Dinner - grilled mackarel with baby leaf spinach, beetroot and boiled sweet potato..

    Not sure what will I have later for my snack, I might make oat cookies (3 ripe bananas, 2 cups oats, 1/2 cup skim milk, 1 egg, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1tbsp peanut butter, preheat oven to 180c, mash bananas mix in rest of ingredients, make 9 large cookies and bake 20 min)

    I also need to get ice cubes and start my morning with cold, icy water (I usually drink room temp)
    Maybe I will get ice mould instead and put in fresh mint leaves and tiny lemon pieces, or my mum gave me an idea to freeze camomile or peppermint tea instead.. Hmmm..

    I can surely say this healthy eating is getting pretty much as my lifestyle, doesn't feel like diet at all! And I see results! If I exercise more I would prob get quicker results, but between work and my son and being a single mom I feel quite tired when I do get free time.. But I do try to exercise as often as I can and walk as much as I can.

    But yeah, I really don't miss other foods as long as I don't skip meals and snacks and I think my willpower has increased and I keep looking for healthy options, sometimes cravings come in , but as long as you get plenty of healthy dessert recipes you will be fine :)

    I hope everyone is doing well, and doing great.. Stay strong and let's keep going! Until this becomes a habit and a way of life..

    Have a great day everyone x
  • Hello everyone,

    Here's what I had today :

    Breakfast - first I had warm water with lemon, honey and grated ginger, then I had porridge with sliced banana and cinnamon.

    Morning snack - handful of hazelnuts

    Lunch - boiled egg, fresh baby leaf spinach, beetroot, and sliced apple.

    Dinner - grilled chicken breast ( lemon juice, black pepper, mixed herbs, sweet paprika and cayenne) with sliced tomatoes sprinkled with black pepper and roasted pepper cous cous (I made enough chicken and cous cous to keep for tommorow)

    Dinner snack - I bought this Weider high protein low sugar bar (161 cal per 50g bar) peanut caramel flavor and green tea.

    I'm going to order matcha tea sometime this evening, I hope it tastes as good as it sounds.. Lol
    Also need to finally get chia seeds and see how that chia pudding tastes :)

    Enjoy your day x
  • Hi everyone!

    You guys!!!! I made hummus this morning and I have to tell you.. BEST THING EVER! :)
    I finally got my food proccesor and first thing I made was the tahini paste which you make by toasting sesame seeds in the oven then processing them with olive oil until smooth paste, and this you can store for up to 3months which is good coz you only need 1tbsp of tahini for a can of chickpeas and 2 cups of sesame seeds made a good amount of paste.

    So once I made the tahini and transferred it to a jar, I threw in can of chickpeas in the food proccessor, 2 chopped up garlic cloves, 1tbsp olive oil, salt ,pepper, 1tbsp tahini, 2tbsp fresh lemon juice.. So these are your basic ingredients.. And hummus came out soooo nice and so full of flavor!!! But then I made another one and added half a jar of sliced jalapeños (actually less than half, depends how hot you want it) and 1 1/2 tbsp of honey..
    This was just perfect!!!!! Absolutely loved this combo, especially with carrot sticks, was so yummy in my tummy haha :)

    I guess there's so many things you can add like sundried tomatoes or roasted peppers, sweet paprika, roasted garlic, caramelised onions etc..
    And it's so much healthier than store bought, half the calories and no added ingredients, just pure goodness..

    So today for breakfast I had :

    2 Frankfurt sausages, fried egg and baby leaf spinach

    Morning snack - home made hummus with carrot sticks

    Lunch - vegetable soup

    Snack - sliced apple

    Dinner - home made burger and instead of bread I used salad leaves.

    For the home made burger (and my son loves this) I grate 1 carrot, dice one small onion, add 800g beef mince (I try and buy typical 5% fat or less) and then add salt, pepper, little bit of mild curry powder and sweet paprika, add one egg and mix it all up..
    That makes about 7 good size patties and I bake them 35 min on 210 degrees flipping them half way through.
    Again it's home made, it's healthy, you know what goes in it, some times I actually make half of the mix in meatballs and freeze them for next time.

    I also found another recipe and it's :

    Griddled pineapple rings with coconut caramel

    30oz brown muscovado sugar
    7f oz full fat coconut milk
    1 ripe pineapple peeled and sliced into 8 rounds
    3/4oz unsweetened dessicated coconut
    5oz fat free Greek yoghurt

    Put 1tbsp of the sugar in a small pan with the coconut milk, bring to boil , then reduce and simmer 8-10 min, stirring occasionally until it's thickened, remove from heat and cover with cling film to prevent a skin forming and set aside.

    Using a small knife cut the core from the pibeapple slices, rub with the reserved sugar, griddle the pineapple 2min each side (if you don't have the griddle pan I guess could grill it in the oven too)

    Stir two-thirds of toasted coconut into the yoghurt, serve pineapple with the yoghurt and remaining toasted coconut and drizzle wort coconut caramel.

    This actually sounds really nice, and especially now that there's BBQues going on and people coming over and you want to make something sweet but healthy.. I think this is a great option.

    The weight is coming off slowly, on average a pound or two a week.. And it can get frustrating, because obviously you want results faster than that. But I think this is the right way because I changed my eating habits 360 degrees, I crave the good foods not the bad, my skin and overall health has improved.. And I'm so happy I took on this challenge, I never wanna go back to the way I was..

    I hope you all are having success with your journey also, and I can't wait to try more new healthy recipes! :)xx
  • Hi everyone,

    This morning I had small bowl of porridge and sliced apple sprinkled with cinnamon,
    Then I had my friend coming over to watch Orange is The New Black new episodes on Netflix..

    So for lunch we had some of my home made hummus (she LOVED the jalapeño and honey one, and I have to say I love the taste soooo much myself, I can't describe it enough, you must try it )
    So yeah, we had hummus with carrot sticks and sliced peppers.

    For dinner we had chicken with sweet potato fries, and I made a yoghurt dip which is just natural yoghurt mixed with ground caraway..
    And salad (baby spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and red pepper)

    And for desert I made the banana "ice cream" with cacao nibs ( frozen banana slices, natural yoghurt, honey and vanilla essence blended in food proccesor)

    I do have to say we were stuffed! So full like we had such big meal, I'm starting to really enjoy this new lifestyle :)

    Later in the evening I was meant to do some exercise but I ended up dancing like a lunatic listening to bachata, merengue, raggaeton mixes :) I love that type of music and dancing releases stress.. Surely I'm no Jlo when it comes to dancing, but it makes me happy so why not :)

    Did you see Jennifer's new video with prince royce? That woman inspires me to work out harder every single time, if I continue like this (and I pray I do) I really hope to look even as half as fit like her.. She's a true beauty.. Wow :)

    Please feel free to share any interesting recipes as I'm always on a lookout :)

    Enjoy x
  • Goodmorning how do you do ?
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