BethegirlBLOGA lot of people are asking why Jennifer Lopez has partnered with BodyLab, and why they should get excited about yet another health and fitness company. So just what is it that makes BodyLab unique?

First of all, we’re serious about our tagline: For Women, By Women. Everything we do is developed around the special needs and unique physiology of a woman’s body, because we get that women aren’t just little men. Our bodies work differently. For just one example, we store fat more easily than men (which is no fun for us), but we also burn it more effectively than men (which is great news for us!). Our Research and Development team has taken information like this, along with the latest science in women’s health and supplementation, to create some truly groundbreaking products. (For more on the science behind BodyLab, see Dr. Amy Heaton’s article here.)

But our kick-butt formulas aren’t the only things that make us a JLo favorite. She says, “In all of my work — my music, my films, my book, my foundation — I always strive to inspire women to be the best and happiest versions of themselves. I joined the BodyLab family not only because of their commitment to creating great health and fitness products for women, by women, but also because of their approach to the holistic lifestyle. It’s not a solution-in-a-bottle. It’s not a fad diet. It’s part of a total health and fitness regimen that makes your metabolism work as hard as you do. It’s a way to love your body.”

So how do we go beyond BodyLab™ dietary supplements to help you get the healthier body and life you want? It’s right here at your fingertips. At, we’ve included a comprehensive health and wellness site that gives you everything you need to get the results you want. It includes our revolutionary Guilt Free Meal Locator™, which can help you locate meals that fit your diet program at restaurants, fast food joints and even in the frozen food section. You can search by calorie content, amount of protein, carbs… whatever you want, and our Meal Locator will find foods that fit your specific parameters, right in your area! It’s truly a one-of-a-kind feature, and we’re so excited to introduce it to you. also gives you personalized diet plans, fitness articles and workouts, weight-loss tricks and tips, insider advice from certified trainers, nutritionists, and registered dietitians, up-to-the-minute health research, one of the largest food and recipe databases available online, fast and easy food entry and calorie tracking so you know how much you’ve eaten and can stick to your diet more easily, weight-loss support and more.

And our  app will soon be available, so you can have access to all of those incredible features even when you’re on the go. That means you can keep all the weight-loss help, diet tracking, and even our Guilt Free Meal Locator right in your pocket on your mobile device! And since it’s brand new, it utilizes some of the newest, fastest technology available.

But the best part? All of the incredible weight-loss support, exercises, recipes, and everything else offered on and on our app are 100% free… whether or not you buy our products. Jennifer insisted on this, because she wanted to provide a way to help women everywhere live healthier, happier lives.

As she said, BodyLab is not a solution in a bottle. We’re not a fad diet. We’re so much more than that. We’re a group of women who are 100% dedicated to helping you love your body. That’s what makes BodyLab so different. And that’s what can make such a difference in your life.