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Misty Bott is BodyLab’s Managing Editor and a writer, travel lover, self-professed dessert addict and mom to two awesome boys. She’s been writing in the health and wellness industry for over a decade, and has become an avid trail runner and half marathon junkie to help offset her sordid love affair with sweets.

The Battle Against Breast Cancer

“I just wanted to live. I have four kids… and that was all I could think about.”


That was the first thought that ran through Shannon Poulsen’s head when her doctor diagnosed her with stage 3 breast cancer last January.


Shannon had found a large mass in her breast the October before, but she wasn’t even […]

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Putting the “Booty” Back in Boudoir: Part 1

I just had my third baby. There are nearly seven years between him and his big brother. It has been so much fun having another little one around after such a long time, but I feel so old. And so tired. And so chubby and stretch marked. And seriously, sooooooooo tired.


This is why I […]

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9 Date Night Ideas

Let’s just go ahead and start out this article with a confession: on the extremely rare occasion that my husband and I actually have a date night, it usually involves dropping the kids at the sitter, picking up takeout, and coming home to binge watch The Blacklist. It’s gotten so pathetic that our usual […]

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Detox Before You Diet?

A lot of people like to kickstart their healthier eating plan with a detox and cleanse to help flush out the gunk that’s hanging around in their digestive tract and make a fresh start.


Why Do We Have Toxins?

We end up with toxins in our bodies in two ways: from ingesting them in the foods […]

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Putting the “Booty” Back in Boudoir: Part 2

Part one of our “booty” series talked about the underlying issues that often affect a woman’s sex life. Now it’s time to get down to the Dirty Dozen: twelve “hands-on” ideas to make your bedroom (or shower or back seat or staircase) shenanigans a whole lot hotter!


Wear Heels

I seriously walk with a strange clump-drag-wobble […]

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It’s a Christmas Miracle!

You had good intentions. You really meant for this Christmas to be different. You gave the chocolate orange to your kids. You made your hubby eat Aunt Edith’s entire cheese ball by himself. You snuck the fruitcake to the dog. You were doing so well. And then the neighbors brought you sugar cookies. And […]

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Don’t Be a Holiday Weight-Gain Statistic

It’s not easy to survive the holidays without giving in to the cookies, eggnog, party dips and cheese balls that suddenly appear everywhere. Even those with the strongest will find it hard to stick to a healthy eating plan when delicious treats are tempting us at every turn. Statistics show that 51% of the […]

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How to Survive Holiday Shopping Without Gaining Weight

The holiday season is magical, exciting… and ca-razy. With all the shopping, parties, visiting family, and more shopping, sticking to your diet can be a serious challenge, especially if you’re heading out for some Black Friday shopping… talk about stress eating! And while you may end up eating out more often than usual during […]

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Exercise May Not Lead to Weight Loss?

Are you as depressed about the title of this article as I am? I’ve been working out pretty regularly since I was in high school, so learning that exercise may not lead to weight loss is, to put it bluntly, a real kick in the butt.
This statement is based on a research paper by […]

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What You Need to Know About BodyLab™

A lot of people are asking why Jennifer Lopez has partnered with BodyLab, and why they should get excited about yet another health and fitness company. So just what is it that makes BodyLab unique?

First of all, we’re serious about our tagline: For Women, By Women. Everything we do is developed around the special […]

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