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AP Style: Advanced Trends for Fall 2015

If there’s anything that socks with sandals and violet lips have taught us, it’s that some trends aren’t for the faint of heart. But if you’re up for a date and you consider yourself pretty fashion savvy, you shouldn’t be afraid to try anything new. The trick to making fall 2015 trends look natural […]

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Can You Cheat the Clock? 5 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

Nearly every culture has its own version of the so-called “fountain of youth.” Alexander the Great was said to have searched for a restorative spring that would let him live forever. Cuban mythology tells of the mysterious island of Bimini, which contains a life-giving body of water. Even conquistador Ponce de Leon dedicated his […]

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Fitness Fashion Is Having a Moment (And Here Are the Best Fashion-Friendly Workouts)

It’s no secret that fitness fashion is kind of a big deal right now. From Adidas and Stella McCartney collabs to the rise of the jogger pant, shoppers are scrambling to get the latest sports-inspired looks for the gym — and the sidewalk. And hey, we can’t hate on comfier clothes for hitting the […]

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3 Steps to Your Signature Hair Color

Kelly Osbourne rocks the lilac and Julianne Moore looks ravishing in red, but how do you find your signature hair color? Your favorite starlets have entire teams of people devoted to making their hair look picture perfect, but if it’s just you, a drugstore, and shelves of hair color, you might be feeling less […]

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Mom Bods at the Beach: Flattering and Functional Swimsuits

Don’t call ’em flaws: You totally earned that beautiful postpartum bod and you’re rocking it! But whether you’re hoping to conceal a few stretch marks or you want to flaunt your best assets, one thing is true for all mom swimsuits: They have to be functional.

Any mom knows that a trip to the beach […]

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3 Ways to Score Summer Skin Worth Flaunting

After a winter’s worth of cold, dry air and hiding under comfy layers, your skin is probably anything but beach ready. Hey, we all neglect our skin during the winter months, but there’s no reason we can’t play catch up as soon as skirts and shorts rotate back into the closet.

The good news? We […]

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Summer Boredom Busters to Keep Kids Busy (and Save Your Sanity)

Summer is a little like buying a supersize order of fries: At first, you’re excited, but halfway through you just want to lie down. Sound familiar? Call it the mom’s dilemma, since just about every mama bear with cubs at home during the summer reaches the end of her patience every now and again. […]

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Workout Clothes that Work: Tips for Choosing Functionally (and Fashionable!) Fitness Clothes

We’ve all been there: You’re mid-lunge and you realize that your brand-new workout pants are showing off more than just your sleek physique. Hey, not all workout clothes are created equally, and sometimes you don’t realize that your discount gear isn’t worth the low price until it’s too late. On the other hand, you […]

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5 Workouts You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Hey, we can’t all be hardcore Crossfit mavens (even if we totally admire their dedication). But just because you’re not into one type of fitness doesn’t mean you should sit it out altogether. The fitness industry is constantly churning out equipment, techniques, and classes so there’s truly something for everyone at any fitness level. […]

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Foolproof Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Resolutions

There’s a reason gyms are usually packed in January and ghost towns come February: Keeping fitness-based resolutions is hard! And for all the enthusiasm you feel while writing down your resolutions, a morning run is easier said than done when it’s 6 a.m. and 40 degrees outside.

So what’s a wishful fitness fanatic to do? […]

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